Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yknow wht's hot?

Honda Civic Type R is

Aaah Zubair is so lucky, his dad bought him one (lucky bastard hmmpf).

I wanna play chasing cars!

Anyway, Imma share something cool with you guys again,

Barrio 19!

okay so maybe some of y'all have already watched this like a gazilion times but for those of you who didnt know bout this..

It's a series showcasing the latest and most in thing sub urban culture from all over the world. You may find some of the things they do new and refreshingly cool(kind of, like this one video where a group of japanese kids are skipping with hip hop moves and the eastern european dude who orders his hotdog while freestyling) or..not.

Something like watching Nike @ Adidas sporting adverts put together but more realistic cause it's taken from the streets, no computer graphics!

See it on MTV.


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